General information
The replication is realized from a glass master, an optical medium with a capacity of 650 Mb/74 minutes standard Philips, containing digital data that can be read by PC and CD-Rom players (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory).
CD Audio/Rom duplication is obtained by proper high technology machines which consent a probing quality control during all the phases of the CD production cycle. The duplication of the support comes from glass master (the main stamper from which all desired copies are going to be replicated in a perfectly identical way).
The CD label can be printed using the following techniques:
• Silk screen
• Offset/Silkscreen
• Vinyl Effect
• Scented Essence

Audio CD/CD-Rom 12 Cm - Technical Characteristics
Optical support with 650 Mb/74 min. as required by Philips standard, containing digital data readable by PC and CD-Rom players (Compact Disc Read-Only Memory).
Customised front face with silkscreen printing up to 5 colours, offset and special.

Audio CD/CD-Rom 8 cm (MiniCD) - Technical Characteristics
A small CD with a great capacity.
You can save up to 180 Mb of film clips, music and data on a disk with a diameter of just 8 cm. Supplied with silkscreen print directly on the MiniCD: up to 5 colours.
• Up to 180 Megabytes of data, approx. 20 min. of audio files
• MiniCD, 80 mm diameter format
• Direct silkscreen printing up to 5 colours
• Supplied in transparent PVC sleeve or in silkscreen printed paper sleeve in 4 colours
The MiniCD is compatible with all drawer drives on the market.

Your INVALUABLE business card!
Just one CD Card can contain:
• roughly 5000 pages of text data in A4 format
• up to 300 images with a resolution of 640x480 px (22x17 cm)
• 3 minutes of music
• 5 minutes of film clips
• your entire web site for a total of 37 megabytes
CD Card 85x58 mm Format
The standard packaging is simple and practical. The CD card is inserted in a transparent PVC sleeve or thin cardboard sleeve, then customised with up to 5 colours silkscreen printing directly onto the CD Card. In this way you can reproduce any image, even a colour slide.
The CD Card is compatible with all drawer drives on the market!