Maf Diskettes is one of the leading companies in Italy and Europe in  production and replication of optical supports.
In 1994 we started our activities in the industrial zone of Casoria, just outside Naples, with the production of floppy disks, and two years later we implemented plants for the production of DVDs, CDs, CD-Cards, and 8cm CDs.
Since 2004 we have specialised in productions with blister packaging and editorial packaging for weekly outturns ranging from a minimum of 500,000 to a maximum of 800,000 pieces delivered, working up a new warehouse at Gorla Minore, just outside Milan, since late 2005. The new site is situated on an area of 11,000 square metres and is dedicated to the most complex packaging applications: special packaging, blister packaging, cellophane wrapping of all types, glued cardboard slipcases, and editorial packaging. In addition, we provide logistic services and certain types of customers are serviced directly at our commercial offices in Milan.

Maf Diskettes operates with cutting-edge production systems, the tangible proof of which lies in the fact that we were the first Italian company to equip itself with HD Ready machines for the new HD DVD technology, thus guaranteeing complete production independence and an extremely high quality standard, already provided by sophisticated Glass Mastering for all the DVD and CD formats. Full autonomy within the production process is guaranteed by our in-house management of all processing phases, from the two-laser Glass Master (Check Master included) to the final wrapping and packaging. The entire production process of optical supports, paper supports, and packaging takes place at Maf Diskettes, assuring continuous and constant controls, also thanks to special video cameras for controlling the processing codes both on all the offset printing machines and the packaging lines. 
All this makes it possible for Maf to dispatch orders in a very short time in case of urgency, and it can also provide glass master production services to other companies of related field.
Maf can also create products with Copy Protection systems (anti-copying protection on the optical support; CD-ROM: Starforce; DVD Video: CSS, Ripguard Macrovision).
The consistent adoption of the most advanced technologies enables Maf Diskettes to reach a production output of millions of pieces per month, including DVD5, DVD9, CD12 CD 8 and CD-Card formats.
 The employed machinery and the attention to the quality of raw materials and of the final product, along with respect for the environment, have made it possible for our company, already a Philips licensee, to receive the quality certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, VISION 2000.
The production cycle begins with GLASS MASTERING, which includes a complete Check Master and the creation of the matrix containing data for industrial mass replication of the optical supports.
The cycle continue with REPLICATION and SILK-SCREEN PRINTING/OFF-SET LABELLING. For the latter, our in-house graphic department provides assistance to customers and oversees the monitoring and preparation of the processes. We also create sophisticated labelling, for example: labels with vinyl effect, scented, fluorescent, and scratchproof glossy labels.
The production is completed with PACKAGING AND PACKING FOR SHIPMENT, using both traditional cases (CD or DVD box, sleeves, cases) and special packages such as blister, glued cardboard slipcases, and cellophane wrapping for publications.

The commitment of Maf Diskettes is not limited to the production cycle. The care for our customers, in fact, is equal to the attention we give to the production processes. We do not simply work “on demand” but, on the contrary, we try to foresee our customers’ needs and always offer them the best advice.
Strenghtened by a ten-years experience, the Maf sales offices provide a highly qualified before- and after-sales service, accompanying customers in every aspect, from instruction on the SIAE procedure to the development of most sophisticated packaging. Our commercial and production departments are linked to a computerised management system that enables a constant control on the progress of production.
The decision to locate a part of our commercial offices in Milan was taken to enable us to provide the best service to all our customers.
Our Customer Service is available for a complete telephone and online assistance.