Raoul Bova visiting Maf Diskettes.
Maf Diskettes promoting Raoul Bova’s picture “Io, L’altro”.
Raoul Bova and the production of  picture “Io, L’altro” being guests of Maf Diskettes at the plants in Naples for the premiere of picture in the city.


The MEDIA-TECH is the largest exibition for new technologies for media manufacturing.


MOVE is the only Italian trade show dedicated to Home Entertainment. Maf Diskettes was the only replication company invited to participate to the round table discussion on “HD on the conquest of the DVD” together with Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, HD Forum and Cinema TV HD.


SMAU is the most important Italian fair of informatics and technology, and as usual it will be held at the Milan trade fair. The intention of the event, organised in four exhibition areas and offering numerous seminars, is to bring the demand and supply of the Information & Communication Technology sector together. Maf Diskettes was present as a supplier with its own stand


MedPi is an event dedicated to the video game and multimedia publishing markets, as well as their distribution channels in Italy. The aim is to bring all the decision-makers of the market together in a strategic time, which is that of the sales for the second half of the year, in an exceptional place with high quality infrastructures that optimise the dynamics of the event. Maf Diskettes will also be present at this international event as a supplier with its own stand.