Stamper Graphics - Disc
During glass-master manufacturing, by means of a special process, logos and texts are imprinted inside the disc structure. In this way the effect of graphics through transparency onto the metallized surface of DVD5 (gold or silver) is visible on the upper part of the support.
This is also visible on both sides for CDs but the process is applicable only to those outputs which do not take up the whole memory space of the support, thus allowing elaboration of the most external ring of the disc, which is not necessary for data writing; this is just the same for DVD5, if it has to be visible on both sides.

Perfumed Support
For sure perfumed support shakes fancy and immagination. That’s why it can convey sensations which we could hardly imagine just watching colours or texts. The surface of CD/DVD support is soaked with the essence chosen during manufacturing.

With the Edge-Disc the central area of the disc is metallized up to 8 cm diameter; the left part of the disc up to 12 cm remains transparent. It is possible to customise the transparency with any colour or message and make it particularly unique.

Vinyl Effect
With this effect the grooves of the old vinyl disc are reproduced onto the surface of the support, recovering the proper “Vintage” fashion of those old supports.

Gold Effect
With this particolar manufacturing is possibile to obtain the golden metallization of both surfaces of the support, DVD/CD/CDCARD/MINIDISC.