In January 2007 the first dvd box of the ten volumes serie “Maradona” was distributed in the new flowpack package.
Our most recent initiative of late 2006 is a collaborative project for the production of the serie “The History of Fascism”, an operation that for the first time in Italy involves a replication company in conjunction with RaiTrade (of which Maf Diskettes is the official partner in replication and packaging). The serie was distributed in newsstands on a weekly basis in collaboration with most prestigious and important national daily newspapers (Il Messaggero, Il Mattino, Il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione, Il Gazzettino, Il Giorno and others).
“Winx”, “The Myths of Cycling”, “The Myths of Football”, “The History of Great Teams Inter, Milan and Juventus” (RaiTrade - Gazzetta dello Sport), “Evento Renault”, Grimaldi Incoming, Fiorello “VivaRadio2” CD distributed by Agip, “Montalbano” (Gente) are just a few of our most important productions.